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  PLA Filament Product Inquiry
PLA Filament
Product Features
PLA is an environmentally friendly material made of corn and sugar cane; it generates almost no hazardous elements throughout printing. PLA has 70~89% strength of ABS. PLA can deform at a high temperature.

Product : PLA Filament (for FFF-type 3D printer)
Manufacturer : China
Volume : 1kg
Colors : Natural, Grey, Peak Green, Orange, Black (Please contact us for other colors.)
Material : PLA filament is an eco-friendly material made from corn starch.
Density : 1.24g / cm3
Nozzle temperature : 190~220
Filament diameter : 1.75mm (tolerance +-0.05mm)

- Biodegradable to H2O and CO2
- Though more breakable compared to ABS, it does not break easily.
- It results in fewer cracks, contractions, and warping compared to ABS when printing large-scale or easily
    contractible models.
- Unlike ABS, it gives off a semi-sweet smell during printing.
- It has a much glossier finish than ABS.
- Adhesion is outstanding and melting point is uniform.
- With no hazards, it is a material safe for human use.
- It can be used in multiple kinds of FFF-type 3D printers.
- We use material that has been certified by IOS 9001, DIN EN 13432:2000-12, and SGS materials certification.