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Tilte [SW] Cubicreator v.2.5.3 Date 2016-08-08
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 - Applied machine: Cubicon Single, 3DP-110F (FW version 1.2 or above)

                            Cubicon Style, 3DP-210F (FW version v1.2 or above)

Cubicreator v.2.5.3 is released.

1) Please install Cubicreator v.2.5.3.

2) Please go to “Environment setting> Device> Product model” to change the device setting.

(Revision History)

> Cubicreator 2.5.3 : Cubicreator2.5.3_release.exe

- Fixed Slicing error in specific model.

- Fixed layer height error in LayerControl panel.

- Modified other bugs.

> Cubicreator 2.5.2 : Cubicreator2.5.2_release.exe

- Improved the connectivity between PC and USB cable for stable printing environment.

- Modify the other bugs. 

> Cubicreator 2.5.1 : Cubicreator2.5.1_release.exe

Changethe folder structure of program Setting File.

- Modify the other bugs. 

- Add the setting of  Cubicon Style (3DP-210F).

- Able to select model drag function.

- Improves generation of manual support

- Improves G-Code view function -Add speed display and solid viewfunction.

- Print History can be checked.

- Added withthe profile of TPU filament.